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Frank Technologies recommends the machines of Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc.(previous RD Systems).It designs and manufactures advanced high speed battery assembly machines and medical diagnostic component production line.


Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. is the leading company of battery assembly machines covering from alkaline battery to lithium and metal hydride battery, patent innovation technology makes max speed up to 1200/ min.

Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. (AES)
is a world leader in dry cell battery technology.

AES designs and builds equipment for low-speed
5 to 20 parts per minute pilot lines thru 600
parts per minute high-speed assembly lines.

AES has over 30 years of experience in designing and building the following:
- Alkaline, NiMH and NiCad.
Assembly machines for Lithium-ion cells.
Assembly machines for Thin wound lead acid and Zinc Air cells.
Winders for round and prismatic cells.
Stackers for prismatic cells and capacitors.
Cap assembly machines
Filling machines (volumetric, vacuum and centrifugal)
Closing machines (from continuous motion crimping
laser welded prismatic)
Lab and Prototype Equipment

AES has provided battery assembly equipment for numerous industries, including:
Commercial Batteries
Consumer Batteries
Medical Devices (internal & external)

AES has installed equipment at the world's largest medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our experience ranges from the assembly of complex drug delivery systems, OR & ER devices, to consumer home healthcare products.

Medical applications are as the follows:

Cannula Assembly
Vial material handling and packaging
Catheter Tube Flare loader
Micro Dip Assembly
Plug Insertion
Saline solution bag- system assembly
Needle Hud Mold assembly
Pin Insertion Systems

Medical Industry Automation-
Automatically Material Fluid
Control Valve

AES has developed custom automation solutions for many leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

We are committed to providing unique and effective solutions to meet difficult product assembly and testing requirements


Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. has been developing many advanced automated machines for Pharmaceutical industry and medical devices manufacturers.


T: +1(403) 800-0085   +1(514) 800-0308
F: +1(403) 800-0322

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