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MX860 fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance

MX860 fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance
* 2009MiaxisAttendanceManagementSoftwareManual

Product hardware features:

7 "Super 24-bit true color screen, full touch
400MHz processor speed
64MB high-speed memory
1GB High Performance Memory
6-layer ultra stable PCB design
130 megapixel camera

GPRS wireless transmission
WiFi wireless network communication 54M
100M/10M adaptive Ethernet
U disk support
Support Mini USB communication
Support Mini SD Card
Support RS485 communication
Support the second generation ID card Mifare card
Optical fingerprint head
Support for high-fidelity dual-channel voice
Support MIC
9 buttons
Two lights
Support Wiegand 26, 34
Access to support open dry signal node
Access to support alarm drive
beautiful, full-panel mirror
Accessories: 12V @ 3A DC power supply, 1.5 m network cable,
0.5 m USB cable, manual, CD-ROM, install siding, screw package
Packaging: hard paper box, environment foam
Package Size: 300 * 300 * 70

Performance and features:

Fingerprint capacity: 5000 fingerprints
Record capacity: 1 million
Average success ratio on time is less than 1 second, compared to the failure
time is less than 2 seconds
comparing ways: card, password, fingerprint, card + fingerprint, card +
password, card or fingerprint, card or password, fingerprint + password
Simple statistics, check attendance records
Show Information: fingerprint images, real-time photos, user information,
archive photos
access control rules set in support of Section 100 group conditions
video intercom, remote door open
real-time monitoring
short message or notification issuing
attendance records automatically upload the server

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