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We introduce high tech Mine & Oil Prospecting Instrument/ Geo-Hazards Test Instrument series as the follows:

Impending earthquake prediction monitoring instrument
(China patent: 200610042816.6)

Mine monitoring and forecasting instrument
(China patent: ZL 201020184015.5)

Landslides monitor (China patent: ZL 200720031540.1)

Geo-properties detector

Relatively Geo-stress detector

The inventor is Mr. Wang Wenxiang, research fellow, formal deputy manager of research department of Xian Branch of China Coal Research Institute (Xian CCRI) The original "string theory", is the Omega theory is MDCB series of geological instruments the technical basis of the original technology.

Due to a lot of Geo-disasters events have been happened recent years all over the world, the most important thing is to use latest technology and products to forecast and pre-warn the disasters so as to minimize the huge loss of life and property. For sure, it is one of the most important green engineering for sustainable development for our mankind.

Mining safety tracking system



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